Multiple Teams · James F. Moore trails in contest

CAT_4856( There were blowouts in the regional quarterfinals of’s quest for the best high school football stadium in Alabama, and there were battles.

And like every tournament, upsets made their mark.

But … will this week’s regional semifinals be the end of the line or will it be one more step on the road to the top? Only time will tell — and time is up at noon (Central) on Friday for this week’s round of voting.

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In the regional quarterfinals, there were 39,430 votes cast — in some cases, they were part of lopsided wins, such asEnterprise‘s 40-percentage point win over Fairhope, Opelika‘s 45-percent win over McGill-Toolen andAlbertville‘s 43-percent win overGuntersville. Give props to Saks, which stepped on the gas in the final day, turning an eight-percentage point lead over Hoover into a 27-percent blowout.